The moment when something new and exciting piqued your interest.
The moment when you laughed harder than ever before.
The moment when you quietly felt the immense importance of peace in your heart.
The moment when the Carp won the championship.

These are the moving moments that we want to deliver to you.

We live in an age where there is no shortage of media content
and that’s exactly why we aim to deliver fast and accurate information,
and content made with care to make your life even better.
We strive to be a company chosen by viewers with more great content
that goes straight to the heart.

Looking to the future, Hiroshima Television Corporation will
make the most of the trust and achievements that it has built here in Hiroshima
and continue to create more of the original content that moves you.
Our Principles
■Created locally, distributed internationally:
 content made in Hiroshima and broadcast in Japan and around the world
■Change our way of thinking and think about changing
■More accurate information, delivered faster
■Working in the spirit of thoroughness by going to lengths that others won’t